Posani Krishna- MuraliWriter-Actor Posani Krishna Murali has been under constant fire for publically lashing out at Pawan Kalyan during a press meet a few months back. Some Pawan fans even when to the extent of attacking him. Since then, he has been making outrageous statements that are irking the public. He even compared YS Jagan to God in one of the instances.

He has already earned enemies due to his constant bhajana of YS Jagan and bashing Pawan Kalyan and TDP for no rhyme and reason. Now he is targeting Modi on news channels and questioning his secularism.

Posani was found saying on a news channel that to make India free from the Hindu-Muslim divide, Modi should select a Muslim candidate as the next Prime Minister. Even YS Jagan stays away from making any controversial statements against Modi, and here Posani is shooting himself in the foot by making such irresponsible statements.

Posani is out of work these days with too few or no offers in films because of his senseless statements and personal attacks. Even after such a dent in his acting career, he is not mending his ways and still continuing to cause a headache for himself and also others.

In spite of all the buttering, YS Jagan doesn’t take him seriously.

Is this all necessary for someone like Posani, who had a decent acting career last decade and earned some fan following due to his eccentric style of acting? Let’s hope better sense prevails, and he returns to what he is best at, acting on the silver screen.