Sunitha Krishnan - Vakeel SaabIndian social activist and co-founder of the NGO Prajwala that rescues, re-habilitates and re-integrates sex-trafficed victims into the society had some good words to share about ‘Vakeel Saab’ and laud Pawan Klayan and his team for their efforts to touch such a sensitive subject.

‘Vakeel Saab’ is all about one phrase, ‘No is No’ and every man should understand that it applies every circumstance irrespective of the appearance or clothing of the female. Sunitha Krishnan wrote, “I’m glad that Dil Raju, Boney Kapoor have remade ‘Pink’ in Telugu as ‘Vakeel Saab‘ with Pawan Kalyan.”

She added that this movie will definitely play a critical role in raising awareness among young men on the right meaning of the word ‘consent’. Good to see such support from a popular social activist. When such sensitive issues are told using popular medium and with star actors, the message will definitely reach far and wide.

Hopefully, ‘Vakeel Saab’ will result in the same debate that ‘Pink’ made possible with widespread awareness of what it really means ‘consent’. It’s not only educating young men but also young women who know very less about ‘consent’ and take sexual abuse as granted.