Popular music director Harris Jeyaraj was threatened by two men recently for reasons unknown. The two alleged to kidnap the composer and demand INR 20 lakh from him. But the accused were nabbed by the Chennai police after Harris’s wife filed a complaint. Apparently, Harris has been harassed by these men over phone for the last two weeks.

After nabbing the culprits, the police didn’t find any serious intention behind the phone calls of these men and realized that they were doing it make some quick money. Further investigation revealed that the brain behind this idea belonged to a man named Thirumalai, who worked as a car driver to Harris’s father for nearly a month. He had taken the help of his friends to threaten the family and extract money.

Harris has composed music to several Tamil and Telugu albums over the years. He was introduced by Gautham Vasudev Menon in his debut film many years ago.