RGV has to be in news for all the wrong reason. It’s been a while since he’s been news for making a great film. It’s always about his tweets, weird filmmaking style or lewd comments. This time he’s in news for the fact that he owes about 32 crore to different people in the industry.

A friend of the producer-director says, “He does not use his Andheri office anymore. He has been in Hyderabad the past few months making a Telugu film. He had promised to be back in August but didn’t show up. His recent tweets came out of the blue and sent everybody here into a tizzy.” Mirror has it that the residents of the Yari Road apartment complex where the filmmaker stays, were embarrassed when cops stationed themselves at the gate, fearing trouble.

Today, not just his friends but even his creditors are curious about his whereabouts. Bollywood financer Bharat Shah, who claims that RGV owes him Rs 9 crore (approximately), says, “I don’t know where RGV is, he is dodging everybody. I made Mast with him. Woh mast ho gaya hai aur main barbaad.”