Anchor-JhansiPopular anchor Jhansi has been in isolation since two of her working colleagues on the sets of her programme were tested positive for COVID-19. As a matter of being on the safe side, she took to self-isolation.

In the meantime, rumours broke out that she was tested positive and hence in isolation. Busting the rumours, Jhansi made it clear that she is concerned about her family and parents and also she would get herself tested after the isolation period.

If she tests positive in that case, Jhansi assured that she would be the first to break the news to everyone. It’s good that she is taking precautions and not trying to act whimsically. So, all is well with the popular anchor’s health.

Several actors and anchors were tested positive in the recent past and hence, this corona scare with regarding the TV artists has escalated the rumour mills to spin more gossips.