avika gor in konchem touch lo unte chepthaWhen it comes to the popularity, these days small screen divas are making their mark felt in films too. Of late, one girl who made most because of her television star status is Avika Gor of ‘Chinnaari Pellikuturu’ fame. With her dream impressive debut ‘Uyyala Jampala’, Avika Gor has earned the image of the girl next door image. And she seems to be happy with that and doesn’t want to try something very glamourous in films.

This cute teenager appeared on popular chat show ‘Konchem Touch lo Vunte Chepta’ on Saturday episode and had a lot of fun interacting with the host. When host Pradeep Machiraju asked what would she choose among three options 1. Play sister for Mahesh Babu 2. Heroine beside Akhil 3. Mother to Pawan Kalyan, Avika immediately said that she would like to chose all the three.

Before she started her explanation, host Pradeep slipped his tongue and commented on her choice saying, ‘Tingari Buchi’ (Mad Girl). Avika, who didn’t understand the language went on with her explanation that as an artist she should be open to challenges to even play mother for a popular hero like Pawan Kalyan. There lies the challenge to deceive age and get into the character. Pradeep had to eat crow on his words.