anchor-drunkPopular Comedian Kapil Sharma is used to making headlines ever since the success of his TV show, ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’. However, this time might not be the same as the others. Apparently, the actor got drunk and misbehaved with some actresses at the 2015 International Marathi Film Festival award.

Kapil Sharma was there with his rumoured girlfriend, Preeti Simoes, who later walked out of the function after seeing the inebriated actor’s conduct. The actor also misbehaved with former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestants and several other actresses. Kapil Sharma supposedly even had to perform at the event which was reportedly cancelled after his embarrassing antics.

While everyone is talking about Kapil’s shameful act, Marathi actress Deepali Sayad seems to disagree. The actress asserted that while Sharma was in a drunken state, there was no misbehaviour. Kapil himself did not explain his actions but stated in a tweet that, “I make mistakes, I live, I learn…i am human”.