heroine bhavana coming back to filmsThe dove-eyed actress Bhavana of Krishna Vamsi ‘Mahatma’ fame in the buzz of late for being denied some Malayalam films. The actress isn’t seen in any one of the films for an year and Bhavana has now revealed the reason behind her absence. A popular actor in the industry has used his influence to see that the actress is pushed out of some projects.

According to Bhavana, he is taking revenge on her because she stood by the side of a friend, a woman fighting for her cause, her family problem. This led Bhavana into troubles but she didn’t budge nor stop helping her friend. Bhavana didn’t disclose the name of the actor who has been troubling her, by taking personal revenge.

Now, Bhavana is once again back to movies and is happy for the kind of roles she is getting. She says she isn’t in a hurry to do many movies. One or two good films are enough for her.