Poor Ratings & Shocking Openings For This BiggieThings are falling flat in Hindi cinema and even the biggest films are turning out into flops. A few weeks back, Yash Raj Films released the trailer of their film Samrat Prithviraj based on the king Prithviraj Chauhan.

Within minutes of the trailer coming out, there was a negative response to the promo. But Akshay and his team did not lose hope and brought out the Hindutva angle in this film and promoted it a lot.

The film has finally been released with negative reviews. A number of Bollywood critics have slammed the film as a loud, silly, and badly made historical drama.

More than anything, the fans of Akshay are not even happy with his portrayal of the great king. The manner in which Akshay’s looks and performance are trolled is there for us to see on social media.

Coming to the collections, this film is also going to get low collections. As per the trade, the film will hardly make close to ten crores on day one which is quite low for Akshay Kumar’s standard. With Major getting good reviews, Samrat Prithviraj will surely have a tough time at the box office.