Poor Prabhas, Hardwork Often Gets UnnoticedPrabhas is one of the biggest stars in the country but is having a tough time of late as he delivered two back to back unimpressive films.

He was also trolled badly for his looks in his recent films. The general perception of the audience is that Prabhas does not take care of his physique and lost his old charm.

His fans complain that he has put on weight and he needs to take care of his looks. But, here is an actress Sanjana Galrani who reveals his hard work.

In an interview, Sanjana says that during the time of Bujjigadu, Prabhas was on a strict diet and used to do 1000 crunches at a time to be in shape. Sanjana says that such dedication by Prabhas often goes unnoticed.

Prabhas is known for his physique, and post-Baahubali, there are too many expectations and this leads to trolls when the expectations are not met.