varun tej loafer releaseAs Varun Tej’s Loafer gets ready to release on December 17, one can’t help but think if the actor has got the release date wrong for the third time.

Varun’s debut movie Mukunda was released for Christmas last year. On paper a holiday release was good but it then had to clash with an inform Nithin starrer for the festival. This could have been avoided had the film released on time without delay. Similarly his second film Kanche arrived in a hurry with one of the biggie getting postponed. It became the fourth Mega film to release in month’s time at that point which for sure had effect on its box office potential.

Now his third film Loafer is arriving close on the heels of a mass success like Bengal Tiger. Additionally it’s a mid week release with a director not at his best and with multiple releases planned a day and a week after. If the film gets not so encouraging talk, it has every chance to tank faster than expected. Also unlike his previous films Loafer has little chances of performing well in overseas.

Keeping all this in mind, despite good director choices and different subjects, Varun Tej is failing to get the right momentum as a star. One hopes that better sense prevails for his next film at least.