Poonam Kaur Tweets - Calls Him Namaka DrohiPoonam Kaur more than her films is known for her messy tweets mostly hard to understand and many feel them stupid. She targets someone but never reveals who it is. She gives some subtle hints though. Check out her latest tweets targeting a big director mentioning his films with a star hero.

Naming the two films of Pawan Kalyan, Jalsa, and Agnyaathavaasi indirectly, she called the director a cheater who extends his support only to the 4 families and an NRI heroine. Poonam says the director falls for the particular slang for years. “So I did not have a hit, did she?.. good at quite a few jobs u give”, the actress wrote. Not very clear, but a clear hint with the film names. Did that ring a bell?

She was no one before the episode of Mahesh Kathi’s social media war on Pawan Kalyan, but her tweets are keenly observed ever since Kathi Mahesh brought in her name with PK. And since then she is trying to make some noise with such tweets and this time she targeted Pawan Kalyan directly responding to his fan, check below.

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