Pooja Kumar talks about Kamal

Vishwaroopam, the multilingual film project of Kamal Haasan has been creating a buzz in the industry for a while now. In a recent interview, the leading lady of the film, Pooja Kumar, spoke up about her experience working with impressive actors like Kamal Haasan, Shekhar Kapur and Rahul Bose.

Talking about how she landed the unique film, Pooja says, “Gouthami ji, who has also done the styling for the film, saw my work online and recommended me for the project. The production contacted my manager and we set up a Skype call with Kamal sir. We spoke for about five minutes and he said that his team would get back to me. The next day I get a call and I’m on the plane to Chennai to shoot the film!”

She followed this with her experience of working with the Indian legend, Kamal Haasan himself. In her own words, “On the first day I was scared, as I knew no Tamil and I was giving a lot of takes to make it happen, but he said I was on board after I thought I’d be ousted from the project for messing up. He looked beyond that – he wants people to come up, especially newcomers, who don’t get so many opportunities.”