Pooja'Hegde, the First Actress to Pose ThereIt must be a proud moment for actress Pooja Hegde for being the first person who posed for Travel + Leisure magazine while basking in the beautiful locales of the unexplored parts of Saudi Arabia.

This is the first time the destination aka AlUla of Saudi Arabia was given access to tourists and Saudi Arabia is inviting tourists from all over the world to explore the beauty of AlUla and also ten more places from the Middle East.

Dressed in a white alluring outfit and with her tall frame, Pooja looks a perfect fit in the backdrop of the rocky terrains of AlUla. This is the first time a magazine has got access to unexplored places in Saudi Arabia after the country opened its doors to tourists.

We don’t know about the place and the contents of the magazine that would give us an insight into the beauty of the Middle East. However, Pooja Hegde’s beautiful cover page will be an inspiration for the readers to divulge into the details of the place. That’s what we think, what about you?