Pooja-hegdeThe buzz was everywhere in the media that Pooja Hegde’s car was caught and seized by Hyderabad police when they stopped the car and found the car driver in an inebriated state. Pooja Hegde, her manager and her team had allegedly partied hard after the pre-release event of ‘Maharshi’.

Now, Pooja Hegde chose to respond after the damage is already done. The response is too late though her version seems to be right. Pooja Hegde actually left from Hyderabad to Mumbai by 12:20 AM flight after the pre-release event, and there is also a copy of the ticket of the flight. That means there is no chance of her getting caught in a drunken state along with her manager and team.

However, rumours like this spread quite easily and go far. So, it’s quite necessary to respond immediately. Otherwise, the damage will be done like in Pooja Hegde’s case. The actress is actually shuttling between Hyderabad and Mumbai for her Tollywood and Bollywood commitments that she made.

Pooja Hegde’s ‘Maharshi’ is all set for release in Telugu and ‘Houseful 4’ with Akshay Kumar is also getting ready for release, in Bollywood. Quite a busy bee!