Pooja-Hegde---Aravindha-SamethaNTR’s Aravindha Samehta trailer is out and NTR’s fit look stood as a highlight and those action scenes are expected to lure the mass fans to the theatres. And the lead actress Pooja Hegde gave her dubbing herself for the first time in Telugu and there is not much positive that she got for that.

Even to go with her looks, it didn’t add much glamour to the show and she could have done better there and even in the dubbing. Her attempt to speak Telugu got a mixed response on social media with people appreciating her effort and many not liking her talk. People even hoped she is not giving her dubbing for Maharshi too.

Pooja actually can do better like she was in Duvvada Jagannadham where she set the screen on fire with her glamour and hope this is not all that we saw her in the trailer and she will look and sound better in the film overall.