Pooja Hegde - Rashmika MandannaTelugu film industry is as such the star heroes tend to have a long career but it is not always the career with the heroines. The highest span of a star heroine is doing one film each with all the top stars. So, the heroines adopt the policy of making hay when the sun shines.

Pooja Hegde and Rashmika Mandanna are the current top heroines in the industry. They are having a dream run right now. But then, COVID-19 has become a hindrance for both of them. They have effectively lost one year already due to the pandemic. We do not know when the COVID second wave subsides and there are speculations already about an impending third wave.

If that happens, they will be losing 1.5 to 2 years of their prime. Two years is like gold dust during the prime of a star heroine which potentially means losing at least 2-3 big films if not more. So, both these heroines will feel very bad about this loss, and rightly so.

Pooja Hegde has Most Eligible Bachelor, Radhe Shyam, and Acharya in Telugu which were supposed to release last year but no clarity yet when they will release given the present circumstances. Rashmika had one release between the first and second waves with Sulthan. She currently has Pushpa on sets and Aadavaallu Meeku Johaarlu which is yet to begin.