PS1: Rajamouli Makes More Noise Than Mani RatnamThe much-awaited Mani Ratnam’s magnum opus was released to mixed reports yesterday. Tamil people seem to be loving the film but reports from other states are far from good.

The film is being criticized for the lack of high moments, the disconnect of the audience with the characters, and flat narration.

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But Tamil people are defending that the film is an honest and true adaptation of the book written by the famous novelist, Kalki Krishnamurthy, and people who are not liking PS-1 don’t have taste for good art and cinema.

Tamil fans must remember that SS Rajamouli made legendary films with single-line stories, the best example being RRR. Here Mani Ratnam had a complete book with so many legendary characters which could have been dealt with in a much more engaging manner.

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Not just Telugu people but many on social media are saying that Rajamouli is the only director who can handle such magnum opus films with a huge budget. Many are saying that it’s a complete waste of money to spend so much on a film that just tries to imitate Rajamouli’s style of filmmaking. It is impossible to copy his style of narration and filmmaking that connects with masses and classes equally.

Some Telugu trollers were recollecting Venkatesh’s Nuvvu Naaku Nachav dialogue with Chandra Mohan on phone. They creating memes where Venkatesh is saying to Mani Ratnam, “నువ్వు ఖాళీగా ఉంటే OK బంగారం లేదా నవాబ్ లాంటివి తీసుకో.. అంతే కానీ ఇలాంటి historical సినిమాలు మాత్రం తీయకు.”

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On the day of the PS-1 release, it was SS Rajamouli mania all over again on social media instead of Mani Ratnam. No wonder SSR is one of the biggest brands in the world now.