Ponniyin-Selvan-Mahesh-Babu-Jayam-Ravi-It has been a longstanding dream for Mahesh Babu to work with Mani Ratnam. He even almost realized it with Ponniyin Selvan. Yes, Mahesh reportedly briefly shot for Pooniyin Selvan, along with Tamil star Vijay. They were initially roped in for the project and a brief shooting schedule was carried out.

But the project was shelved later. And then many years later, Mani Ratnam revived it with Vikram, Karthi, and Jayam Ravi. Incidentally, Mahesh was initially roped in to play the central character, which is now played by Jayam Ravi.

Now that Ponniying Selvan has finally hit the big screens, netizens are commenting that Mahesh Babu has luckily escaped a mishap.

Setting aside the box office prospects, and the final product as a whole, Mahesh wouldn’t have been the right fit for the central role. He isn’t built for roles like these and it wouldn’t have helped him, or the film either had he played the role essayed by Jayam Ravi now, a netizen commented.

It would’ve been exciting on paper to see Mahesh and Vijay share the screen but practically, Ponniyin Selvan isn’t the kind of film that isn’t best suited to bring together these two. Mahesh has indeed made a lucky escape. This is the common opinion on social media now.