Jealousy & Frustration: Tamil Junta Firing On TFIIt is common for Telugu films to do well in Tamil Nadu and vice versa. But with the rampant dominance of Telugu cinema with monstrous blockbusters like Baahubali, RRR, and others, there appears to be a good deal of jealousy and frustration amongst the Tamil audience.

Incidentally, Ponniyin Selvan released today. The film opened to varied comments on social media from the Telugu audience. This is where Tamil folks are getting triggered.

“We have no issues with Telugu movies winning big in Tamilnadu. But if u wantedly try to bring a tamil movie down – we will hit back for sure” a Tamilian commented on social media.

In response, the Telugu audience are citing the instances where Tamil films like Robo, Bichagadu, 24, and others did so well in the Telugu market. They are saying it’s isn’t right for the Tamil folk to get frustrated and start threatening Telugu cinema just because their films aren’t getting a good box office reception overall.

What the Tamil folk should keep in mind is that this twitter negativity from either camps can never affect a film’s box office run. If the content is good, the common audience will definitely come to theaters regardless of the the language. Else, things can go south for any film. Threatening to hit back over random comments makes very little sense.