Ponmagal Vandhal Trailer Talk The trailer of Jyothika starrer Ponmagal Vandhal is out. It has been in the news a lot lately due to its digital release. It rolls out the Amazon Prime Video movie slate of the summer.

When the first look and title of the movie, Ponmagal Vandhal came out, the subject, a courtroom drama was also revealed. Since then, there has been a lot of anticipation regarding the film. The casting also looks fine with the presence of several known faces like Parthiepan, Bhagyaraj, Pandiarajan and Pratap Ponthein.

The trailer is perfect in that regard as it matches the expectation set previously. The core plot seems to be intriguing and heart wrenching. It lends to a gripping courtroom drama. The face-off, if done well, could be the highlight of the movie.

The glimpses of performances we get show everyone in top form. Jyothika obviously is leading the show. She gets to portray multiple emotions and is nailing all those variations.

Check out the trailer below. JJ Fredrick makes his directorial debut with the movie. Govinda Vasantha provides the music. We can already feel the impact of the background score. The power couple, Suriya and Jyothika jointly produces the drama. Ponmagal Vandhal is all set to stream worldwide from May 29th, on Amazon Prime Video.