Politics Are Becoming Dirty Day By Day: Mohan BabuSenior Star Mohan Babu will be next seen in Son Of India which will release on the 18th of this month. Ahead of the movie release, M9.news caught up with the actor for a small chit-chat. We have asked him about the current political state and if there is any reference to current politics and the movie.

“Back then, politics used to be nice. Day by day, politics are deteriorating. They are becoming dirty. Values and ethics are degrading. Once, great people used to be in politics but it is no longer the case. There are one or two good people even today but they can not do anything,” Mohan Babu said.

“Son of India is the story of how a man suffers due to politics. The movie speaks about people who are languishing in jails for no fault of them. The story demands Private Jails just like Private schools and hospitals. This happens to many around us,” he tells about the movie.

The actor also refused to comment about the current ticket prices controversy. “I do not want to give controversial headlines to you. Let us confine to the Son of India. I have relatives in all the political parties. I campaigned for TDP in Chandrababu and NTR days. Because I am a relative of Jagan as well, I campaigned for him as well. I am no longer interested in politics,” he concluded.