Salman-khan hit and run caseIf all the hue and cry for all these 12 years isn’t enough, now it is the turn of the politicians in the legislative houses of the country to waste time on the verdict of Salman Khan’s ‘hit and run’ case. BJP MP Kriti Azad took up the discussion on Salman’s case asking who drove the car if it was not Salman who is responsible for the person’s death on the pavement.

He also added a bit a sense of humour asking if it was a ‘deer’ who was driving the car which rammed into the pavement. The mention of ‘deer’ has a different connotation. Salman Khan is under trail for another criminal for hunting the endangered species, Krishna deer during the shooting of ‘Hum Hum Saath Hai’.

The question on who is responsible for the death in ‘hit and run’ case is left to ambiguity and our system offers no answers to this. But to discuss this matter superficially in the context of star hero’s case is like wasting valuable of the house of people, Lok Sabha. Instead, a comprehensive understanding and changes in the system are required to address the problem. This certainly isn’t going to help.