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Political Rumours on Prabhas

Political Rumours on PrabhasPrabhas’ uncle, senior actor cum politician Krishnam Raju has been closely associated with politics and in the past, Krishnam Raju was even elected an MP. Now that 2019 elections are fast approaching, several rumours had surfaced on the web media of other languages with regard to Prabhas.

According to those rumours, the pressure is mounting on Krishnam Raju to involve Prabhas actively to campaign for the saffron party, BJP. It’s a known thing that Prabhas’ name became very popular across the country after the two instalments of ‘Baahubali’. However, will Prabhas campaign for BJP in the Southern States, especially in Andhra Pradesh?

There is not even a faint clue that Prabhas is interested in politics. He always kept himself away from politics and maintained a clean image as an actor. So, the chances are quite slim that Prabhas may even take this seriously. As cine fans, we are eagerly awaiting ‘Saaho’ and nothing about his political entry.

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