Posani Krishna Murali - Kalyan RamMost of the times, Posani Krishna Murali is instinctive and doesn’t think much before talking, sometimes on public platforms even. Carrying forward his emotions, his speech might turn a big goof-up. That’s what happened at the pre-release event of Kalyan Ram’s ‘MLA’.

Posani goofed-up big time addressing Kalyan Ram as Pawan Kalyan. This goof-up came at a time when TDP fans are firing at Pawan Kalyan for suddenly taking a U-turn and going against Chandra Babu Naidu. And then, he gave an uneasy moment to the Nandamuri hero asking him to enter politics.

His brother NTR was always politically inclined towards TDP but staying away from the party for obvious reasons. At this juncture, Posani said that TDP is NTR’s family party and therefore, Kalyan Ram must enter politics and turn MLA in the real life. This made Kalyan Ram visibly uncomfortable who always said that he was never interested in politics.