Police personnel hired for 'Bahubali'!

Stunts are a very important part of the film industry as most of the movies are action thrillers. Nowadays actors prefer to do their own stunts which may seem more realistic but is highly dangerous. Many of them have been injured in the process for instance we are all well aware of the famous Bollywood celebrity Amitabh Bachchan’s critical condition while shooting for ‘Coolie’. Actors Prabhas and Rana have also endured injuries while doing stunts and the two got hurt while horse riding for their movies.

These incidents have made director Rajamouli extremely cautious and we hear that he is hiring police personnel adept in the horse riding skill for his upcoming movie ‘Baahubali’ featuring Prabhasand Rana. A source close to the director said that the actors are being trained for horse-riding and the filmmakers are also thinking about hiring professionals but nothing is confirmed.