Police Flabbergasted As Controversial Singer Goes Missing

Police-Flabbergasted-As-Controversial-Singer-Kanika-Kapoor-Goes-MissingIt looks like the coronavirus related chapter in the life of singer Kanika Kapoor is not going to end anytime soon. The Baby Doll singer is back in the news again for going awol.

More than a week ago, after Kanika Kapoor tested negative multiple times, she was discharged from the hospital. It is mandatory for a COVID-19 infected person to come negative thrice. Kanika Kapoor got those results and came out immediately. The doctors, however, had instructed her to be within the confines of her home for another fourteen days.

Meanwhile, the police were waiting for Kanika Kapoor to be clear of COVID-19 virus so that they could proceed with their case. The singer has been slapped with multiple sections for violating the government orders. Kanika Kapoor has returned from London and didn’t get checked in the first place. She later attended huge social gatherings as a special guest causing a lot of tension to high profile individuals. They all had to be quarantined and tested.

Because of irresponsible behaviour, Kanika Kapoor faced police action. But, when the law officials came to check on her at her home, they were shocked to know that she was not present. Later, they came to know Kanika Kapoor has been missing since the discharge from the hospital. What is making them furious is even the aviation department didn’t inform them.

We have to see how the Lucknow police take the case from here. Can they get Kanika Kapoor’s current stay details and reach her there or get her back to Lucknow?

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