Police Complaint by Anchor Swetha Reddy on Bigg Boss Organisers The more we are hearing about casting couch, the more we are getting confused whether the words used for rhetorical are meant to be true or not.

The latest, the celebs who were approached for the Bigg Boss season-3 for the Telugu version raised curtains for another row of casting couch controversy.

Swetha Reddy of Youtube channels fame, actually stirred the hornet’s nest again saying that the organisers of the show asked her for commitment.

Now, Gayathri Gupta added to that saying that the Bigg Boss organisers asked her if she can resist her sexual tendencies for 100 days. Very bad|!

Though these things really needed to be condemned, what we see is elaborate discussions and debates on the issue with nothing actually substantial happening to solve the issue.

Meanwhile we have an update that Swetha Reddy filed a legal complaint on four of the organisers who made comments on her, body shaming her. The complaint was registered at Banjara Hills Police Station.