The Central ordinance to merge some mandals of Bhadrachalam division to facilitate Polavaram project completion not only affects the people of the region but also Lord Rama. The temple of Bhadrachalam owns lands worth crores at Purusothapatnam village which will be merged with the Seemandra state. Lord Rama has as many as 842 acres lands at this village which is very close to Bhadrachalam revenue village.

Purusotham Das, a devotee of lord Rama, donated about 917 acres of lands to the temple years ago to conduct rituals and other purposes some decades ago. Along with these, the temple also owns about 400 acres of lands in nine Seemandra districts including Visakapatnam, Krishna, Guntur, East and West Godavari, Prakasam and Kurnool districts. With the temple in Telangana and properties in Seema Andhra, there is more likely the assets come under illegal occupations. The temple is already suffering due to this and their problems will get doubled with the bifurcation.