Plus for The Family Man 2, Minus for Samantha?The trailer of India’s most-awaited web series, The Family Man 2 is out earlier this morning and has got a superb response. Samantha is the surprise package as she shocked everyone with her amazing transformation in terms of looks, physique, body language and everything.

Accolades are pouring in her from all corners in social media. While she is enjoying this moment, an unexpected controversy has struck. Tamilians were upset about the LTTE struggle shown in the web series. Tamilians take pride in the LTTE Movement as they deem it the liberation of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

They feel The Family Man 2 tries to portray it as a Terrorist movement. The hashtag ‘#FamilyMan2_against_Tamils’ has been trending nationally on Twitter. They have been cursing the makers, Samantha, and the other cast in the web series. Tamil people are very emotional about their language and culture. So, they may take it a bit seriously.

This controversy may be a plus for The Family Man 2 as it adds to the free publicity. Given that, it is not a theatrical release, there are no chances of boycott etc. But then, it may be a minus for Samantha as the actress has two films in various stages of production in Kollywood.