PLKPM - Misses the spark of the original

The film ‘Pustakam Lo Konni Pagelu Missing’ that hit the screens yesterday is a remake of the popular Tamil film ‘Nadavula Konjem Pakkath Kanum’ directed under the able hands of Balaji Tharaneetharan. The film which features Sri and Supraja as the main cast is based on a romantic drama where the hero forgets about the entire last year of his life even as his wedding approaches.

The film has a lighthearted plot that has been executed well. However, after a while the comic relief scenes prove to be boring and fail to add much humour to the film. One biggest disadvantage is the lack of chemistry between the main pair and it adds to the disinterest for the movie. Technical aspects of the film are carried out well with good cinematography and apt background scores. Overall, the film is an average and caters to limited audiences.