Please Don't Attack Me, I Can't Bear: Vishwak SenVishwak Sen‘s Paagal is releasing tomorrow. The actor stirred a social media storm with his rebel speech at the film’s Pre-Release event. Ahead of the movie release tomorrow, the actor has emotionally pleaded support from the critics for his films.

“My kind request for critics is not to go harsh on the film. Write about the film but do not write as if you are attacking. If you do that, I do not have the strength to bear. I have no background and no one to help. I have no one to standby if something happens to me,” Vishwak Sen said.

“People think ten times before attending my Pre-release events. Some will come. No one tweets if my trailer or teaser are good. No one tweets about my films. Yesterday, Prasads Imax is completely deserted. It will be a big satisfaction if my film revives the theaters,” the actor adds.

“Critics and some review writers, Please do not attack me, I can not bear. My father is not a star in the industry. I can bear attacks once or twice. But how long? I can not bear that repeatedly. I am all alone and have come to the stage where I am today. These times are as such, the film needs some support,” he pleads.