Placing the Trust in Young Filmmakers

Film industries have long been running on the themes of old is gold, but current trends in Telugu movies show that actors are placing their trust more on more on young filmmakers. Case in point is films like Yevadu and Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda which have been made by young directors who have only done two films yet. Other examples include Vikram Kumar who is just three films old directing the multistarrer Manam, a debutante, Bobby directing Ravi Teja’s next movie titled Power, Santosh Srinivas directing NTR’s tentatively titled next film Rhabasa and the two films-old Sampath Nandi directing Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh 2 among others.

In this regard, Vikram Kumar says that the script of the film matters more than the experience of the filmmaker. This is very true, for example, Pawan Kalyan was very impressed with Sampath Nandi over his writing and direction style in Racha and offered Gabbar Singh2. As the veteran actor, Mohan babu says, talent is always worth the risk.