pk transistor for saleWe know that earlier a suit was filed on Aamir Khan for the PK nude first look poster. The poster was both critically acclaimed and also received flak for the same. Ban on the movie was proposed for promoting obscenity. A public interest suit was filed by one plaintiff Hemanth Patil alleging that the film’s publicity poster which shows Khan almost nude, just with a transistor covering his genitals on railway tracks, is”obscene and vulgar”.

Of late, a civil court in Mumbai had decided to frame issues on the above mentioned legal suit for imposing ban on Aamir Khan’s abstaining it from releasing it on 19th December. This would be done on 17th december whether the allegations would come under its jurisdiction or not. Earlier Supreme Court has dismissed the public interest litigation.

Patil wants to ban certain portions in the film which he alleges are promoting obscenity and also ban on the first look poster. The film has undergone film certification process and the Central Censor Board has certified the film. Hence even the Censor Board would come under the defence category alongwith the film makers and Aamir Khan.