PK Fans Abusing Trivikram -Fair?Pawan Kalyan is quite close to Trivikram and it is a known fact that most of Pawan’s film career decisions are taken by the star director ever since Pawan entered active politics.

On the other hand, Pawan Kalyan has released Bheemla Nayak which is the remake of a Malayalam film Ayyappanum Koshiyum. If this was not enough, he is all set to do the remakes of Vijay’s Theri and also a Tamil film called Vinodaya Sitham.

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These career choices of Pawan have not gone well with a section of the fans who are abusing Trivikram heavily on social media. They feel that Trivikram is making Pawan do all remakes and is not allowing him to films which will showcase his true potential.

But one should understand that Pawan Kalyan is also a politician and is doing films to be in the limelight and also for money. He is looking at films which can be wrapped up in 40 to 50 days and also have a social message and showcase Pawan in a responsible manner.

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So, there is no point in abusing Trivikram on social media as he is only doing his fair duty of helping his close friend and also getting involved in the projects and giving it his touch and making sure that there are enough fan moments.

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