pk movie advance bookingThe advance booking for new Aamir Khan film has literally opened well in advance and the way it is progressing so far, the trade is terming it as a big surprise and sensational.

Despite lack of theatrical trailer or presence of a chartbuster song, the kind of advance booking the film is showing it shows the power of the combination, says the trade. The fact that the film is coming from the same combination that gave a monumental film like 3 Idiots is taking over all other misgivings regarding the way the film has been promoted or brought before the audience so far.

Aamir Khan’s last release Dhoom 3 too was similarly under promoted but brand Dhoom helped it put up record breaking numbers on the opening day in spite of the day being a non-holiday as well. The trade is expecting PK to at least match the openings of Dhoom 3 going by the bookings so far, if not beat it. Will their predictions come true, we have to wait till Friday to know?