‘Why are you staring at me like that again? Can’t you recognise me fully clothed this time? I’m the same transister guy, PK”. Can you guess who said the above words. Ofcourse it isn’t a big deal to understand that it was Aamir Khan. The second motion poster of Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie PK has been released on Wednesday, 20 August. As promised, Aamir removed the transistor hiding his modesty.

As the motion poster moves on, we see Aamir emerging fully clothed in Bhojpuri traditional style sporting a bhopu…another musical instrument this time. “Ab phir se tukur tukur kyun dekh rahe ho. Ab kapda pehen liye toh pehchane nahi ka humka. Hum wahi hoon transistor wala…PK”. One can easily guess Aamir is taking dig at self for going nude in the first poster. This time he is over dressed and his Bhojpuri slang and style remarkably makes the audience to go gaga over the actor’s prowess at details of his characters. The film is being helmed by Rajkumar Hiranai of ‘3 Idiots’ fame.