Pic Talk: White Beauty Sizzles in Black DressActress Priyanka Jawalkar keeps sharing steamy pictures of herself on social media and makes her followers crazy. Recently she shared some photos in a tempting black dress, and they are going viral on social media.

In the pic, Priyanka’s B-show is sure to give sleepless nights to her fans. She looks extremely sensual and elegant as well. Her curvy ‘nadumu’ also enhances the value of the picture.

Priyanka is talented, sexy, and hardworking, but she is yet to hit the big league. After an impressive debut in Taxiwala, she scored another hit with SR Kalyanmandapam. But the success of both the films did little to her career growth.

Let us hope these hot photoshoots will get noticed by filmmakers and Jawalkar bags a big film that will do justice to her talent and beauty.