salman-khan-child-heroines-actressThe age difference between big stars in any industry and the heroines is big and it often becomes a big issue when the difference on screen is just too much to ignore.

The real problem is actually arising now as we see more heroines emerging from industry. The problem here is that at one point or the other the star must have had interacted with them as kids and it causes a huge embarrassment when they are paired together. This is one of the reasons star heroes prefer outsiders than current gen heroines. Unfortunately top Bollywood star Salman Khan has been the star who is paired the most with current gen industry born kids and this has often made him the primary target compared to others.

Checkout the images above where, first we see the star Salman Khan interact with Sonam Kapoor as a kid and then in the other image he romances her. It doesn’t help that the image itself is unflatteringly positioned in the latter.