Actor Brahmaji house drowned in hyderabad floodsThe recent Hyderabad floods have done some severe damage to the city. Many localities are still flooded with water or are waterlogged. It doesn’t help that the rains are still coming in short bursts, now and then. From the common to celebrities, everyone has been affected. Here is an example.

Senior actor Brahmaji has posted pictures of his house in Hyderabad. One can see the whole area is overflowing with water. The actor had previously tweeted that he needs to buy a motorboat and asked for suggestions from his followers. Now, we know why?

It is not just Brahmaji, but many others have expressed concerns over a similar situation. The entire social media is full of information and reports like these. Some are really sad to hear. For anyone who is staying in Hyderabad, experiencing such an unexpected crisis has caused them a lot of anguish.

The Telangana government has promised to do the best it can to restore the normalcy. Considering the critical situation, the Tamil Nadu government has announced that it will provide 10 Cr for relief assistance. We have to see who else comes forward, as the circumstances demand it.

Take a look at the images below. It gives a glimpse of how damaging the rains have been in Hyderabad, this year.