Pic Talk: Mahesh Babu's Adorable Kids Living TraditionThese adorable pics of Gautham Krishna and Sitara were shared by Mahesh Babu’s wife Namrata Shorodkar when the cute kids were clicked while celebrating Bhau Beez. Both of the kids were very delightful in their traditional wear.

Bhau Beez is a tradition that we follow in our country during Deepavali. It’s called ‘Haarathula Panduga’ in Telangana region where sisters give aarthi (with lighted lamps) to brothers and brothers gift their sisters with something as a surprise. Here, Sitara is hoping for some money to buy something she wants to.

Namrata shared these pics along with the description of how the kids celebrated Bhau Beez, this year. Not just this festival, Namrata always makes sure that their kids learn, also follow tradition and know their roots.