Pic Talk: Janhvi Kapoor Flaunts Killer ShapesIf there is one reason Janhvi Kapoor has been making headlines for in the recent past, it should be for her sensational skin show. The actress has amped up the glamour game further now.

In her latest snap, Janhvi is seen in a gold coloured outfit. She flaunts all of her killer shapes in this skin tight outfit that puts all her sensational curves to an eye pleasing display.

The golden hue effect paired with Janhvi’s unapologetic glamour show is a thing of beauty. She sure knows how to set the screens on fire with her shapely figure.

Janhvi Kapoor has been ticking all the right boxes to attain a glamour doll image. It would be a feast to the eye if the actress sizzles in a proper item number in the near future.