Pic Talk: Hasya Brahma Getting OlderIf there is someone who deserves the title ‘Hasya Brahma’ in this generation, it is undoubtedly Brahmananandham. In the career spanning a few decades, Brahmi has become an icon doing a variety of comedy roles.

His timing, expressions, body language, dialogue delivery.. what not everything is just perfect. The legend, however, had slowed down in the last few years. He has become very selective and is spending more time with her favorite hobby, drawing and spending time with his grand child.

A recent picture of Brahmi is doing rounds on social media. He is seen sporting gray hairs and his face is clearly showing the signs of aging. While aging is a part of everyone’s biological process, it is hard to see a legend and childhood icon to age and fade into memories.

But then, we hope all good for Brahmi in enjoying this phase of life just like how he wants to be.