29th August was Michael Jackson’s 55th birthday, as we all feel he is still alive in our hearts. Below is the picture of Devi Sri who is a great of fan of MJ. On this note take a look at 10 unknown and interesting facts about Michael Jackson (scroll down to see them).


1.Michael Jackson has the habit of sleeping in an oxygen chamber. He considered it best for enhancing beauty and longevity.

2. Michael Jackson has very funny habits like before going on stage for performance, he has a baby powder ready at his dressing room.

3. Michael Jackson mixes beer with an ice cream. His favorite color is red and gold.

4. Michael Jackson was a billionaire at a tender age of 18.

5.Michael Jackson was nick named THE KING OF POP by Elizabeth Taylor.

6.Michael Jackson wrote 100′s of songs and sifted through over 700 songs before selecting the 9 tracks of Thriller.

7.Michael Jackson being the youngster in family he used to put spiders in sister La Toyah’s bed.

8.Michael Jackson was a vegetarian.

9.Michael Jackson Jackson’s most famous pet was Bubbles the chimpanzee.

10.An island in Carribean named Saint Vincent , once issued stamps of Michael Jackson.