Divya BharathiSocial media is a place where so much happens. Gone are the days when heroines used to struggle a lot to be in the news. These days, heroines have easy help and use social media to grab attention by posting some sensational stuff online.

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One such heroine who has made heads turn in Tamil is Divya Bharathi. Off late, she has become a hot sensation on social media and posts some super hot pictures of hers on a regular basis.

Her Insta and twitter feed is filled with stunning images. Seen here in the picture is Divya Bharathi in a stunning bikini showcasing ample cleavage and slick body.

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For those who don’t know, Divya Bharati is from Coimbatore and is a pretty famous model in the south. She has made her debut with the GV Prakash film Bachelor which gave good recognition for her. More than her films, her sensational avatars on the web have made her the latest hottie in town.