Pic Talk: Deadly Curves Of Hottest GirlBollywood babe Janhvi Kapoor is next to none when it comes to providing eye feasts by donning skimpy outfits that showcase her beautifully toned curves.

In her latest snaps, Janhvi has taken the glamour game to a whole new level as she sports a low-cut orange outfit that barely manages to cover her sensationally sizzling curves.

Janhvi spends hours together in the gym every day and all the hard work can be seen clearly as we get a first-hand glimpse of her perfectly toned body. The deadly curves are enough to drive any man crazy.

Janhvi’s cleavage feast in this revealing outfit cant be missed and these snaps are already going viral on social media now.

All we can do is hope Janhvi makes her Telugu debut soon and sets the screens here on absolute fire sooner rather than later.