Pic Talk: Chi La Sow Actress' Sizzling Cleavage ShowRuhani Sharma shot to fame with Chi La Sow and scored a success with Vishwak Sen’s Hit. With more than 800k followers, Ruhani is a popular face on Instagram. She hooks her followers with enticing pictures who get besotted by her beauty show.

Of late, Ruhani has been posting many ‘too hot to handle’ pics of herself. Recently she posted a pic of herself where she was seen in a black outfit with an ample amount of cleavage-show to make her followers go crazy. Her inviting smile and her flawless skin add to her hotness.

But on the flip side, despite all these efforts, Ruhani is not flooded with great offers from filmmakers. We wonder what more ‘extra’ an actor can do to grab the attention of filmmakers.

Ruhani will next be seen in ‘Meet Cute,’ which is also the directorial debut of Nani’s sister Deepthi Ghanta. The film might be directly released on OTT.