Pic Talk: Can She Get Any More Notorious?

Ruhani SharmaRuhani Sharma is not as simple as you saw her in her Telugu debut, Chi La Sow. The actress can get as naughty as you can never imagine. Check this picture, in fact, her social media handles and you will know what we mean.

She was sporting this black bikini wear and the scarf pretty well with her hair tied all up in a high neat knot. But you have a good view of her breast on the side as a sort of hide and seek game.

The naughty girl has those luring skin show pictures quite a few on her page and that is what keeps her followers content.

But these are not helping the long wait of her fans to see her on the big screen showing off some sexy moves just like that. It is likely that she could set the screen on fire but when? No option but to wait.

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