pic-talk-allu-arjuns-fans-unable-to-hold-back-on-pushpaIt’s hard to contain the excitement of Allu Arjun’s fans over the stylish star’s upcoming movie ‘Pushpa’. Here is a fan-made edit of ‘Pushpa’ poster and his die-hard fans are loving it on social media.

The edit is perfect and shows that the fans are unable to hold back till ‘Pushpa’ commences shooting. Allu Arjun commands a huge fan following on social media platforms and it’s not a surprise that his fans are making everything special for the star.

The nice fan-made edit is now going viral on social media and that edit aptly deserves all the attention it has been garnering. Only the face part of the star is taken from ‘Pushpa’ original poster and the remaining is done through editing.

Director Sukumar has envisioned a special role and film for Allu Arjun and if not for the lockdown, things would have been different and the excitement levels of the fans would have sky-rocketed.