salman khan arrested 5 yearsWhole Bollywood has been coming in support of star Salman Khan post the verdict announced by the court. All this was fine but it led to high drama among the Khan fan bases when one prominent Khan was visibly absent from the whole issue yesterday. It was none other than Aamir Khan and people immediately jumped on calling him opportunistic when the other Shah Rukh Khan was seen at Salman’s house even after whole fight issue going on between the two for years.

Finally few pictures surfaced today that put an end to the drama among the fans. In the picture here one see Aamir Khan leaving Salman Khan’s house while the latter is seen sending him off. Now the two fan bases have calmed down after all they have gone through yesterday. There was a talk all through yesterday that Aamir Khan was at the resident of Salman Khan from the previous night itself but lack of proof to corroborate it took the issue to such lengths.